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This article has special guidelines for privacy.
Guidelines: An example of the privacy template. Guidelines would go here and on the discussion page - More Info

Although we want this wiki to be as thorough and friendly as possible, we realize that people may have privacy concerns. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Contact a SysOp with your concerns and they will put a privacy banner on the article you are concerned about (such as the article specifically about you). The privacy banner will state a guideline of which kind of information you don't wish people to include in the article or on the wiki.
  2. If the information is in the infobox, you can write PRIVATE next to each item you wish to remain blank.
  3. You can make a privacy template yourself by putting "Privacy|A brief decription of what you want private" in double "{" brackets. Click on the edit tab on this page to see an example. Please also make a note on the article's discussion page in more complete detail.
  4. Note: If private information has already been put on the page it may still appear in the history. Contact a SysOp to erase this information from the history.

Some additional guidelines:

  • Use common sense. Things like contact information and sexual identity are better left for the person to add themselves unless you ask them permission.
  • Articles should be informative or entertaining, but not at the cost of intentionally be malicious or pissing people off.
  • If someone is concerned about their privacy but worried that it could impact the wiki to leave out people who are important to the Forum or Forum stories, we can find a creative solution such as only referring to them by nickname, or creating an alias.