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Crossposted from your Supreme Overlord:

Forumites! It is I, your President.

It's getting close to Labor Day, so, barring any serious and meaningful objection from the membership, I am setting the first meeting of the semester for September 5th at 8:30pm.

Message repeats:

The first Forum meeting of the semester will be held on Wednesday, September 5th, at 8:30pm, in the Forum Lounge.

Any and all are invited to attend, because we will be going over matters of varying degrees of urgency.

First among those is setting this semester's (and probably this year's) permanent meeting time. Unfortunately, I have a completely and utterly unmissible class from 5:20 to 8:10 on Wednesdays this semester. I would, as President, like to, you know, actually attend meetings this semester. Moreover, you need at least two signatory officers to hold an official meeting--CS, ACs, and the Librarian don't count, which goes double if you happen to resemble a majestic bird, and triple if you've walked straight through a screen door before.

So that means that you need at least half of us to hold a meeting. I hope everyone involved can see the wisdom in freeing me up so some of us can take sick days once in a while.

Therefore, we will be voting at this first meeting on how best to schedule later ones, so e-board members and anyone else with a particular stake in coming to meetings should come prepared with their class (and work, if applicable) schedules.

Please don't argue over permanent meeting times in the comments, leave it for the meeting when we can actually do something productive about it.