Wendy Dann

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Wendy Dann
Wendy Dann
Purblue, Paradoxical Popsicle, Wendy Rainbow Dann, Blurple, Gwendolyn, Wendigo
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???? - ????
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3/6/1973 - ???? Living
Brooklyn, NY
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She majored in Psychology and Sociology at Stony Brook, minored in Women's Studies, was an honors student, and spoke at her graduation (1995).

Wendy has blue and purple hair, and wears outrageous clothing.

She is one of the not so rare vegetarian feminist pagan 4mites.

"Although very conservative (or quite the opposite) in her thinking, Wendy believes she is an open minded and liberal person. Her favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird, Mists of Avalon, and the Clan of the Cave She currently shares a house in Port Jefferson Station with turtle and Andrew McGowan, formerly known as GAMYR House."
- Omnipedia