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List of Past Vice Presidents

Lisa Soto
Rob Kopp
Alexis Jade Barrett
  1. Katrin Boniface
  2. Mikey Andrews
  3. Kevin Dowd
  4. Setsu Uzume
  5. Lisa Pankowski
  6. Jackie Eanes
  7. Jmax
  8. Sean Burton

Current Vice President

  1. Evan McArthur


Katrin's start date and the dates of anybone before her are unknown. Additional Pre-Katrin Veeps need to be added.

Fixed Katrin's start date as VP. Her predecessor was that guy who showed up long enough to become a member, get elected VP and show up to no more meetings, except to the first meeting of January 2002 to tell us he was going to be studying abroad in Australia and had to step down. I got nothing else on who he is, if anyone does, make an entry. - Drew