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Test edit to see if the math captcha is still active, because spammers don't seem to think so.

Further test to see if SpamBlacklist is working: Hey, go to <a href=""></a> for your hot big black arabian dick action!

Huh, SpamBlacklist didn't seem to do much, even after setting it to livesync with mediawiki's blacklist and entering in something explicitly blocked there. Let's see if the technically outdated VisualMathCaptcha still works...

Okay, VMC was outdated enough to not work, but SpamBlacklist blocked my attempt to link to spy cam dot com. I may add on some more anti-spam measures to further lock down things.

Testing to see if the math captcha can be added in again, because it's the only thing that was reliably working to stop spam (obviously, the blocklists are doing squat).