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They get to play with the moneys.

List of Past Treasurers

  1. Greg Trocchia
  2. Victor Poon
  3. Gerry Garcia
  4. John Reddy
  5. Adam Fabio
  6. Garrett J. Petersen
  7. Beverlee Toscano
  8. Jeremy Lauber
  9. Allison Citarella
  10. Ian Moss
  11. Julia Fu
  12. Peter Schilling
  13. Peter Orkopoulos
  14. Lukas Tierney
  15. Nathalie Deroin
  16. Evan Saft

Current Treasurer

  1. Vincent Tsuei


We have almost no dates for these officers, so the order in which they're presented is uncertain. Also, we may be missing some treasurers.