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Tom Kidd
Tom Kidd

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Andrea Montague (husband)

"I wouldn't say I frequented the Forum but I have been to some functions and I've been to many I-Cons. My wife, Andrea Montague, was a full-fledged member of the SF4M so you could say I'm a member by marriage. Also, I've done a few book covers for Forum founding father, Jim Frenkel."

Awards: World Fantasy Award: Best Artist, Chesley Award: Body of Work 2003, Best Interior Illustration 2002 for The War of the Worlds, Best B&W unpublished 2002, Best Cover Illustration `93, `95, Best Color Unpublished `89. Golden Pagoda Award`90: Best Artist, Anlab Award: Best Cover, three Hugo Award nominations.

Clients: Publishing:(partial list) William Morrow, Harper Collins, Ace Books, Avon Books, Berkley Books, Ballantine Books, Del Rey Books, Doubleday Books, Penguin Books, Warner Books, MacMillian &Co., St. Martin's Press, Marvel Comics, New American Library, Random House, Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Tor Books, Tundra Publishing, Friedlander Publishing Group.

Design: Walt Disney Feature Animation, Universal Studios, Rhythm & Hues, MBI Creative/Danbury Mint, Ridefilm Inc., Landmark Entertainment, Franklin Mint, International Robotics.

Other: American Express, Wizards of the Coast, Mayfair Games, Last Unicorn Games, Wiz Kids Games, Impact Images, American Art & Graphics.

He has illustrated three books: The Three Musketeers, The War of the Worlds and A Gift of Dragons. He has nearly finished work on a large-scale illustrated book of his own design called Gnemo. Tom lives in New Milford, Connecticut with his wife Andrea Montague, who is a former Stony Brook student and member of the Science Fiction Forum.


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