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The Science Fiction Forum


Current: Student Union Past: Harriman Hall Central Hall. Hendrix All: SUNY Stony Brook - Stony Brook - NY - USA

(Harriman location) [40° 54′ 56.36″ N 73° 7′ 29.02″ W]

Current Location

The Forum is located in the basement of the Student Union, at the site of the old Colors Cafe, on the Stony Brook University campus.

Previous Locations

  • First Forum - Roth Quad, Basement of Hendrix, downstairs left (old arcade room)
  • Second Forum - Roth Quad, Basement of Hendrix, downstairs right (early '80s)
  • 2.5 Forum - Basement of Library (next to Zebra Path) (temporary summer location after Great Fire - 1986)
  • Third Forum - Basement of Union room 060(members hung out in in the Old non-Smoker's Lounge 2nd Floor Union - September 1986)
  • Fourth Forum - Basement of Central Hall room 037 (SAC - moved in Sept 1987)
  • Fifth Forum (Library) - Basement of Harriman, room 029 (Summer 1993)
  • Fifth Forum Addendum - room 020 (when?)
  • Sixth Forum - Basement of Union - old Colors Cafe (2009)
  • Seventh Forum - Back to the basement of basement of SAC (Central Hall), room 018 (Fall 2016)