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The Science Fiction Forum
The Forum, SciFi Forum, SFF, SF4M, ΨΦ4M
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The Science Fiction Forum
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This article is about the organization The Science Fiction Forum. For information about the location, see The Science Fiction Forum locations.

The Science Fiction Forum is the second-oldest student club at SUNY Stony Brook. It was founded during the Fall 1968 semester by Jim Frenkel.

The history of the Forum has been documented through time-lines, typically added to during the club's anniversary events. The "daily history" of the Forum is recorded in Log. Feel free to add to the wiki history, broken down into five year intervals for (hopefully) convenience.


The First five years: Fall 1968 - Spring 1973

Fall 1973 - Spring 1978

Fall 1978 - Spring 1983

Fall 1983 - Spring 1988

Fall 1988 - Spring 1993

Fall 1993 - Spring 1998

Fall 1998 - Spring 2003

Between the Fall '01 and Spring '02 semesters, renovations were started on the Library, which included painting, removal of the ratty-carpet that dominated half the floor and tiling. This required the dismantling of most of the shelves in the library. By the end of the Spring '02 semester, the library was back up and running. In spite of Epic Forum Drama. Due to the growth of the Forum's collection, series' and anthologies were relocated to the Lounge. A lot of cleaning up remained for the next school year.

Fall 2003 - Spring 2008

Following the Forum's 35th anniversary some progress began to be made in "cleaning up". By Spring 2005, the long neglected system of shift-holders was re-instated. The long worked on, but never quite finished, computerized book catalogue was finally completed in 2006. The lounge actually seemed to be a livable place thanks to cleaning, and the discouraging of sleeping (and OTHER THINGS) in it. The forum nearly was struck by disaster in the fall of 2005, when a persistent minor leak in the lounge, exploded into a major one. No books were damaged thanks to the quick work of the present forumites, among them, the VP, Lisa Pankowski. Stony Brook actually proceeded to fix something (for once, and likely due to the fact the neighboring AMS offices were also flooded).

In the spring of 2008, the last planned I-CON on Stony Brook campus was held, with the next planned for the Brentwood campus of Suffolk Community College. If and when, the convention returns to Stony Brook remains in question.

The Present, Fall 2008

The Forum is currently under it's 39th President, Ian Moss: Champion of "Meh".

Certain lingering questions remained about the Forum's future. As one of the oldest buildings on campus, Harriman Hall is believed to be slated for renovation, or demolition. In the event of such a renovation, where the Forum would go in the interim (or as a new location) remains an issue for the club.


The Forum has had many nicknames. The proper name is The Science Fiction Forum. Shortened versions include The Forum and The SciFi Forum. Acronyms include SFF, SF4M ("es ef four em"), and the more literal sounding ΨΦ4M ("psi phi four em").

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