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The Stony Brook Press is a biweekly, student-run feature newspaper at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Founded in 1979, the Press was created as an alternative to the Stony Brook Statesman, the more administratively friendly newspaper.

In its early days, the Press featured exclusive interviews with prominent political figures including Amiri Baraka, Abbie Hoffman, Ralph Nader, and Al D'Amato. The paper has evolved into a blend of alternative thinking, satire, and features. The "Press" also holds the world record for the first September 11th joke, having initially sent their the first issue of their twenty-third volume to the printer on September 9th for production, recalled it right after the Twin Towers fell, restyled their cover, rewrote their editorial, and created a section with nothing but September 11th Jokes.

They wrote an editorial entitled 12 Steps to Abandoning the Science Fiction Forum somewhere around 2000 - 2003. A copy of this editorial can be found on the door of the Forum.


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