The New Forum Couch

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During July of 2013, our new appointed Fire Lord Sami Wood graced us with the gift of a new couch. The old one was subsequently dragged out of the Forum and put to the curb as a good riddance (though it probably did have a lot of fond memories.) This new couch has the magical ability to transform into a black plush mattress! When pictures were shown of this new couch on Facebook, many comments were made about the possible usage of this couch for the sex and a possible Forum orgy. These ideas were quickly squashed by reigning President Evan Saft who decreed that none of the fun sexy times could be had on the couch, nor anywhere else in the Forum for that matter. A valid point was raised that the Lounge is technically part of the stacks, but President Saft remained firm in his ruling. Only time will tell what will be the outcome of this new couch, and what deviant sexy times will be possibly-or not- had.