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The following table below gives a description of all the entry fields for this template.

Variable name Description
Designation Most common name
RealName Real name
AKA Other aliases
Image Name of an image which has been uploaded to the Forum Wiki
4miteStatus "Active" or "Inactive" are common descriptions
1st4mDate First time in the Forum
IntroducedBy Who introduced this person to the Forum (replaces "4mCherry" variable)
4mReign Year Entered Forum - Year no longer active
OfficesHeld [[President]], [[Treasurer]], [[Vice President]], [[Secretary]], [[Activities Coordinator]] or some as yet unnamed office.
4mFame Something this Forumite is well known for
LifeDate (birthday) - ([[Living]] or date of death)
BornLocation Home Town
BOA Most recent base of operations
Species [[Human]]
Gender Forumite's gender (as declared by that Forumite)
SexIdent Forumite's sexual orientation (as declared by that Forumite)
RelationshipStatus Relationship status (single, partnered, tripled)
Related What other forumites is this forumite related to?
Profession General profession

John Doe
Jane Doe
Forumite Status
Became member
January 1, 1970
Brought by
Random chance
Reign at Forum
???? - ????
Forum Offices Held
Famous for
Never being noticed
Born & Died
January 2, 1920 - Living
Topeka, KS
Base of Operations
Platform 5
Sexual Identity
Relationship Status
Self referentially monogamous
Related to
General products salesman

As an example, the code below here will generate the Forumite Box to the right here.

{{Forumite_infobox |Designation = One |RealName = John Doe |AKA = Jane Doe |Image = SOGOOD.jpg |4miteStatus = Inactive |1st4mDate = January 1, 1970 |IntroducedBy= Random chance |OfficesHeld = [[President]], [[Presarian]] |4mFame = Never being noticed |LifeDate = January 2, 1920 - [[Living]] |BornLocation= Topeka, KS |BOA = Platform 5 |Species = [[Human]]? |Gender = Male |SexIdent = [[Asexual]] |RelationshipStatus = Self referentially monogamous |Related = Himself |Profession = General products salesman }}