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The Space Barouche was a large...uh...petroglyph, for lack of a better term, rendered in spray paint on the ceiling of the 2nd SF Forum in the Hendrix basement. It depicted a crude rocketship with "B-18" mysteriously emblazoned on its side, a series of ellipses trailing behind in an abstract representation of thrust.

No amount of paint or plaster could efface the Space Barouche. The spray paint would always seep through, and it would become visible again.

The PsychoHistorian's Offical Entry:

It starts with a locked door... Proving that nothing really changes in the Forum, there was a problem with 24 hour accessibility to the 4m back in 1983 ("Second Forum",basement of Hendrix college) At the time only officers had keys, but there were enough officers living in Roth quad so that the door was almost always open. But with anything 4m, 'almost' ain't good enough. After much debate (shouting) about giving only the first shiftholder of the morning a key, a fringe member got angry and expressed his displeasure by spray painting the letters B S on the ceiling (we were out on the post-meeting Diner Run). After seeing the vandalism the next morning, Mike Botwin climbed up and changed the S to an 8, put a dash and a 1 between the B and the 8 to make B-18. He then drew the rocket outline around the B-18 and declared it the "Space Barouche". Why? The night before we were watching an old vampire flick and had become obsessed with the term 'barouche' after hearing Boris Karloff deliver the line "Step into my Barouche", and everyone asking in unison "My what?" The next semester the whole ceiling was painted midnight blue and detailed to look like the map from "Time Bandits". 'The Map' remained in place until the Great Fire.

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