Selden House

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A place in Selden (duh) that gained some notoriety for debaucherous activities and fun parties. The house was located at 88 Paula Boulevard, just up the street from the Selden Taco Bell and 7-11.

The final members of Selden house were Conrad Schnakenberg and Janice, Casey Brokopp and Mikey, Brian Wrynn and Amanda Caliendo, DK, and Vicki.

Others residents included Kender (Matt Stein), Saravit, Sarah, Gushi, Lynda (hobbit), Leora, Faith Sarver, John Smedley and Jen Bohon, Steve Lau, Dawn Boniface, Katrin Boniface, Meg Bohon and possibly Tracy Scott.

Selden House dissolved due to landlord bastardness (The house was sold.) in March 2006.