Ryan Muldoon

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Ryan Muldoon
Ryan Muldoon

Forumite Status
Became member
fall 94
Brought by
Jason Richter & Aakin Patel
Reign at Forum
Forum Offices Held
Famous for
Born & Died
1975 - present
Carbondale, Illinois
Base of Operations
DC Area
Sexual Identity
I like the ladies.
Relationship Status
Married with children
Related to
environmental guy at U of MD

Former secretary of the forum. He was lead down to the Harriman basement around 2 in the morning after a Middle Haven Game and sevs run, game was run hosted by Jason Richter in their suite in hendrix college. Gerry Garcia was asleep on the couch and looked like shit. Little did Ryan know that he would become this crazy couch man's best man in 11 short years. During his freshman year he helped build and paddle the 4m boat in the roth regatta, liking the event to such an extent that he became the Regatta president forging an unholy alliance between the regatta and the forum for much of the late 90's.

He helped originate the game Pile on Aakin Where Aakin who frequently napped in the 4m would have every available couch cushion piled on him then people would jump on top and bounce.

Intimately acquainted with the steam tunnels. Was even trapped in the tunnel part of the basement of Life Sciences when Squirrel not once but twice let doors close and lock behind the intrepid group. Escaped by taking a door off the hinges. Also present Mark E., Conrad S. and may 2 more.

He made a valiant attempt at the forum super senior record finishing his undergrad classes in 7.5 years. This may be due in part to his copious use of fun time plants, and his full time employment.

He helped produce and direct 'Dorm Room', a 3TV show. With help of Mark Essel, these two daring videographers explored various dorm rooms on campus and subjected the poor occupants to Ryan's witty insults.

Housemate of Mark Essel and Gerry Garcia 1st at G.A.M.Y.R. (Gerry, Alexis,Mark, Yvonne, Ryan) House and then at Mark's place. Ryan graciously adopted Goth Emily's pet tarantula, Ola Berserker, even though she was the size of a dinner plate.

Actually manage to graduate with a BS in Geology in 2001. He put his degree to good use with a teaching job at Stonybrook's child care center.

In true geek fashion he moved out of state in 2002 to follow a girl he met online.