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Stony Brook University event wherein people race across the slime ridden Roth Quad Pond in boats made out of cardboard and duct tape. It happens every spring, just about when the students are going crazy with their school workload. It dates from 1987.

On the last Friday of April, teams representing clubs, organizations, and adminstrative offices race across bucolic Roth Pond in makeshift craft constructed only of cardboard, duct tape, and paint. The Roth Yachting Club names an admiral, a vice-admiral, an honorary commodore and various other nautical muckty-mucks to preside over the event. Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to compete and trophies are awarded to the winners. Nobody stays dry.

The following image is from the 2006 Regatta. The Battlestar Gallactica ship was built by a team of Forumites and manned by Janet Jongebloed, Shiny, Barbara Pinzow and team captain Beverlee Toscano. We got attacked by pirates that year, but Rob beat them off good.


Regatta 2007

List of Previous Regatta Boats

HMS Bismarck
Sea Dragon
The Galactica
The Monolith
Viking Longship

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Pictures from the Roth-Quad Regatta (Every year since 1989)