Ralph's Rock

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"The story of how the Rock was rescued from Hendrix is almost as amusing. Gorno, Arun and I decided that the Forum just wasn't the Forum without its Rock, which had been abandoned in the basement of Hendrix after the Great Fire. Being Forumites, we did not let lack of proper equipment, strength or intelligence deter us. Since we could not think of a way of getting it up the stairs, we had the bright idea of taking it out through the sliding glass doors. If you've seen Hendrix or some of the other dorms in the quad, they have these deep window wells that have large glass sliding doors at the bottom (kind of a strange design - not sure what the original purpose was).

We did not quite realize how steep the wall of the well was until we found ourselves struggling halfway up with this enormous rock stuffed into a rickety old shopping cart. We were suddenly struck with the vision of losing control of the cart and the resulting amount of damage and noise would be created by a heavy load of rock and steel hurtling down the ramp into the glass wall behind us. There we were poised not able to move forward, but not able to retreat! We renewed our efforts and were able to shove the cart up and over the edge - and then onwards to the Forum.

Later when the Forum was moved from Central Hall to Harriman, the Rock was escorted with full honor guard through the tunnels.

I do have a photo somewhere of a row of Forumintes saluting the Rock as it began its journey." - Doc Conod

"When the Forum moved to the Union I decided the Rock should *not* be left behind. I (rather than being crazy and try to carry the rock, roll it, or other suggestions that popped up) and a couple other 4mites loaded it on to a hand truck and I wheeled it across campus, gaining odd looks from many unenlightened students along the way" - Aaron Pellman-Isaacs

As confirmed by James Prego and Aaron Pellman-Isaacs, this is the same non-meteoric paperweight as GPA Rock.