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Craig, Piano Man
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WOW! OK... so... much to my surprise, I search out myself on Google, and I find this. Immediately I begin to twitch from the flashbacks of my over-indulgent youth.

Then, I found updated info about a few long-lost friends. Wow how I miss everyone... Tobie... Turtle... Jim... Aakin... Adam... Jen... Wendy... and Skip (yes... even Skip) and the rest of this giant band of misfits of which I am proud to be a associated. Its bizarre how often you all pop up in my head, and how much a part of me you all are.

Here are a few updates:

In May of 1997 I moved to Daytona Beach, FL and 18 months later I moved to Orlando, FL. In June 1999 I married the girl I fell in love with on the bus that first day of school in 1989. Marla and I have been married ever since. We have a beautiful house in Maitland, FL. Anyway... If you want to know anything else, or you just want to say HI, you can email me at NOTE: I edited the part below a bit. As this page is quite public, and comes up when my name is searched, please keep the public comments... ummm... pure and innocent.

From the Omnipaedia:

"Known simply as Craig to 4Mites, or alternately as "that guy who never comes here anymore cause he is a loser." and 'craigs' on the IRC. Craig was brought down to the Forum by Tobie to meet her at the time boyfriend Turtle. He was immediately sucked in to the 4M. Turtle ,Tobie, Craig, Adam, and Skip went through alternating stages of loving and hating each other over a period of time. On his mythological pre-4M existance:
I was born in Cincinnatti, Ohio on October 16th, 1974. Everything from that point until mid 1981 is all kind of a blur due to my unusual battle with alcoholism. But to be honest, after being released from the Betty Ford Clinic, I don't remember much because on my way home I was struck by a Greyhound bus. When I came out of the Coma in 1988, I fell in love for the first time... if you want to know anything more, ask me, or Turtle as the content has been censored by the FCC.

On College

I hate college.

On the 4M

This too would be a story I would not publish, as it is WAYtoo revealing about too many people I care about so this will not become a matter of written record. However, I can honestly say I had some of the strangest, creepiest, downright bizarre and incredible moments of my life and I wouldn't change those days for anything. I suppose for I have to thank Tobie and Turtle for dragging me down there, and the rest of you for making me want to stick around a while... :-)
Craig is NOT blonde, has blue eyes, weighs [censored], and stands 6'1". He used to have three earings in his left ear. Favorites include the movies Office Space, History Of The World Part I, & The Lion King, he's only read one book (no longer true) since 8th grade (ask Turtle), music by Billy Joel, The Doobie Brothers, and Jim Steinman, and the television shows Roseanne, Law And Order, Boston Legal, 24, Heroes, Real Time With Bill Maher, and all the various incarnations of Trek. "