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Paul Calhoun was an Electrical Engineering(gen) and Business Management(ops) at Stony Brook University. He was also the second forumite to wield the legendary Vest of Many Pockets, a mighty artifact that has served the forum for almost 20 years. Vest Paul is also responsible for opening the Forum to an invasion of Daleks, for which he is not sorry.

The Vest (version 2.3)
Paul Calhoun
Vest Paul, Vest, Guyclone, Guy of Light, Bizarro Guy, V'
Vest2 2.jpg
Forumite Status
Became member
September 12, 2007
Brought by
Reign at Forum
2007 - Present
Forum Offices Held
Shift holder, Shift holder Prime, Keeper of the Archives, Head of Fundraising
Famous for
The Vest, disturbing knowledge, unexpected abilities, Gandalf-like presence
Born & Died
May 29 1989 - Living
Base of Operations
Sexual Identity
Relationship Status
Related to

Preceded by
Anthony Cavalli
Shift Holder Prime

September 2009 - May 2012

Succeeded by
Adam Hurd

Preceded by
Dave Spector

September 2011 - May 2012

Succeeded by

Preceded by
Mitchell Wong
Head Librarian

February 2012 - February 2012

Succeeded by
Mitchell Wong



Vest Paul has been a forumite ever since Guy told him where to go. He has served as Shiftholder and the Prime, as well as making an unsuccessful attempt at reviving Book Readings. He has been offered the post of AC several times, but oddly enough not by the Head AC until Spring 2011.


Vest Paul became a keyholder in his first semester, serving one year under the Betrayer, 0.5 under the Destroyer, 1.5 in the Restoration/Stagnation and 0.5 in the New Golden Era. In lieu of Cavalli and anyone more qualified, he has been made Shiftholder Prime and serves mainly as the Keeper of all knowledge of books' locations and conditions. Since no orders have been given to him since the Destroyer, he has spent the years forcing ResourceMate to make sense and the index cards to stay in order. His Keeper status has also partially extended into the Wiki, though mainly as a keeper of causality rather than true in depth knowledge. His next self-assigned mission: Find, read and take all necessary action with relation to the Logs.

Dale K Fleet

Vest Paul is now one of the majority owners of Dale K Fleet Enterprises, a merchandising company that mainly deals with Dalek related media, but also is the merchandising division of GrangeCon and Team Schrodinger. His new motto: "Would you care for some T-Shirts?"

The Vest

Vest Paul is a member of the secret and often baffling Order of the Vest. The current Vest was constructed in Australia to be able to handle V. Paul's entropic field, which obliterated the two previous vests. Vest 2.3, or the Dark Vest, which was created using Aussie science and has fewer pockets and less surface area, but is well nigh indestructible, having washing instructions that involve a high-powered hose and a sturdy man.


The Vest's observed powers include teleportation, dimensionally transcendent pockets, invulnerability to weather and can produce a variety of useful items. Though a canoe has yet to be pulled out, several pockets remain largely unexplored. The teleportation power is perhaps the best explanation for how the Vest seems to disappear without a trace. Or maybe people just don't really care.


V. Paul wears a variety of odd objects in addition to the Vest, including a Pokemon lanyard full of keys and sundries, a giant key on the Vest, and buttons. There is also the Backpack of Holding, a supplement to the Vest which contains heavier items. With the addition of his boots and the sound of clockwork coming from his right leg, V. Paul's arrival is easily marked. Anthony Cavalli has commented that the Vest is an easy mark for assassin droids.