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Movie Night


"We're all poor, so why spend the money to rent or go to the movies when the Activities Coordinator team is willing to run 2 to 3 movies for you with a few snacks and drinks, all for free. Generally they will start on Thursday around 2pm and run about 4-5 hours."

Prior to 2004, Movie Nights generally followed a monthly theme. Two movies would be shown based on that theme during Movie Night. A new theme would then be followed for the subsequent month. Monthly themes included: "50's Sci-Fi Movies", "Mission Snafu Month", "Mind-Fuck Month" and "John Carpenter Month". Movies nights were rarely advertised from 2001 - 2004, except for a note about the time on the website.

Not exactly a Movie "Night" anymore, this event was switch to the afternoon hours because that way more people show up for viewing, the AC's couldn't stay out that late and sometimes couldn't find people to run the movie night in their stead.

Also, the Forum now advertises movie night as three movies with a theme. This is because the USG no longer (although maybe in the past it was this way to and the Forum just ignored it) allows club to state the name of the movie that they are showing unless they get premission from the production company. The ACs actually thought about setting this up with companies but in the end decided against it. So the ACs now have titles we give these movie nights to give the public an idea. Sometimes it is very difficult to find three movies that go to these titles. Ex. Housewives Gone Wild