Mitchell Wong

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Mitchell Wong
The Denim Warrior
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Forumite Status
Became member
Not sure, 2010
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Reign at Forum
2010 - Current
Forum Offices Held
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Born & Died
October 31, 1991 - Living
Some hospital, Nassau County, New York
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Mitchell Wong is known for his fantastic use of denim as a shield to contain his seething inner rage. Denim seems to be the only material strong enough to act as a shield - past (failed) attempts have included the use of steel wool, tweed, diamond-encrusted suspenders, a fedora, fuzzy sweaters, and a solid iron wall. The fedora was slightly successful, although denim has resulted in the fewest number of casualties. Mitch is also famous for not having a Facebook, being part feline, and for owning a stuffed HIV virus plushie. He was the 4m's Librarian Secretary of Defense. He is currently the Forum's Head Libratarian.

Preceded by
Vicente Viteri
Head Librarian

December 2011 - Present

Succeeded by