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Log began as a method of leaving notes between library shift-holders in a note book, recording work done during shifts. It didn't take long for Forumites to start getting creative with the book, starting as joking messages between shift-holders, to becoming the record book of sorts, to the Forum. Forumites have recorded their thoughts into log on more than one occasion, drawn pictures, and have frequently used it to record a moment of Forumite hilarity in the form of a "Quote of Note" (QON).

Most of the Logs are stored in the Library. Several were given to Turtle for electronic archival (scanning), the earliest Logs (including Log 1) are believed destroyed, but if one of you out there is hording them in their basement, please correct this entry. As of October 2009, Logs 6 (cover pages only), 15, 17 and most of the remaining newer Logs are being held by John Cholewa, and logs 7 through 14 are in the possession of John Reddy.

Some scanned versions of Log can be found here.