Lisa Selitzer

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Lisa Selitzer
Lisa Warner
Forumite Status
Became member
Brought by
Reign at Forum
???? - ????
Forum Offices Held
Secretary (1979-1984)
Famous for
Submitting 4m meeting Minutes to Polity in Braille
Born & Died
1/4/59 - 9/13/09
Brooklyn NY
Base of Operations
Arlington Va.
Sexual Identity
Relationship Status
Related to
Married 'n Divorced Jeff Warner
Senior Switchboard

George Washington University Hospital

Washington D.C.

Lisa was Secretary of the Forum from 1979 to 1984. As Secretary she typed up the Minutes of Forum Meetings for submission to Polity. One interesting quirk was that she had the unconcious habit of hitting the "K" key at random throughout the notes. Thus "K'Lisa" (the Klingon) as a nickname, and the Random K typo was mocked/repeated in her transcribed Log Entries. As a blind person she was also responsible for starting and maintaining the Braille Collection of Analog, Asimov's, and Galaxy magazines as well as a few random Braille books. Unfortunately five years work and hundreds of volumes were lost in the Great Fire.

Preceded by

1979 - 1984

Succeeded by