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Lenny Dorsky
Lenny Dorsky

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Lenny Dorsky, infamous for Halloween and Convention parties (ConFrancisco), was President of the SUNY StonyBrook Science Fiction Forum and was founder and film coordinator of the University of Arizona Science Fiction Club. He is currently supervisor of an 18 person laser and solar cell group at JPL that delivered flight hardware to both the MER rovers and the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (launched into Earth orbit on 7/15/04 aboard the Aura Spacecraft). He was an engineer on Galileo, Magellan, Mars Pathfinder and Cassini and was the star tracker team lead for STS-67 (Astro2). He was also in charge of instrument development for the FIDO rover (MER testbed) and for the Subsurface Explorer. He holds the world record for most number of advanced directing workshops ever taken and has directed short films and plays, including the Grand Guignol plays at LA Con III. His son appeared in Little Nicky at the age of 1.