Kimberly Ehret

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Kimberly Ehret

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Kim has been an forumite since 2004. She has in her glorious and most beneficent career as a forumite, she has contributed much to our grand organization!


Power Tools and Calculus

the aforesaid are both Kim's most outstanding interests and skills. It should be of note that she has on many glorious occasions contributed her mighty power tool skills to the forum. Kim should be regarded as always secretly doing calculus, but as to what ends, we cannot tell. It is also widely reputed that Kim's personal regard for the arcane magic of calculus is greater then that for sex!


Shirley is the name of Kim's pt cruiser. Shirley is a bright inferno red, and often chirps for joy. Shirley is reportedly dating Rasputin, yet another pt cruiser, owned by Ian Moss. The two cruisers have had love children: Christine, and Mickey. Some regard Kim's love for her motor car as bordering unhealthy, yet no-one really wants to intervene.


Kim has helped a good bit during Regatta 2005 under Bev, and crewed the yacht: Rib-X with The Jim.

Kim was Commodore, during Regatta 2007. The boat she designed, and built by forced forumite Labor was, the "Tardis." The Tardis was a yacht crewed by four, and was intended to spin dramatically.


Kim does not wish for links to her personal pages to be posted.