Kerry Skadl

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Kerry Skadl
Kerry Skadl
Fiona the Volatile
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Colleen Skadl (sister)

Recieved the Award of Arms in the SCA at Twelfth Night on 1/8/2000. Often shortened to AoA, this is usually the first award received by members of the SCA. People recommend members for this award by writing to the current King and Queen. The award is then bestowed at the next Royal Progress event that the member attends.

Lady Fiona the Volatile is from the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn. She is also connected with House Three Skulls.

She married Saravit on June 28, 2003. They are the parents of Logan Alexander who was born on May 17, 2005. She is expecting her second child, a girl, who is due on May 28, 2007.

She works as a special education teacher.

In her spare time she reads and belly dances.