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Jeremy Lauber
Jeremy Lauber

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Fall 2002
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Fall 2002 - August 2006
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Unlike Garrett J. Petersen, Jeremy really is Polish.

A Remembrance:
By "Goth" Emily

When we first got Jeremy, I remember him as a dorky, introverted dude with a white streak in his beard and short short hair. He had a really self-deprecating sense of humor and distinct lack of social grace. One day, he made a comment which caused Evil James to turn to him and shout, "Shut up, Jeremy, you fuck sheep!" After the laughter died down, laughter that included Jeremy I may add, it seemed that the nickname "Sheepfucker" had stuck, along with the phrase, "Face North, Jeremy!"

To our surprise, rather than being devastated, Jeremy embraced this new identity, thus proving he had a sense of humor and was an all-around good guy who didn't hold a grudge. His pursuit of history and his interest in his own ethnic studies soon combined into a wonderful AOI for him; I remember life in the men's 4mDorM with Anthony and Jeremy as great fun!

Jeremy's ubiquitous mode of dress (crazy shirts, shorts, sandals and white socks), his hair, which is currently somewhere between "Jew fro" and "independant entity", and his gentle, good-natured smiling face make him easily identifiable as one of the most beloved forumites. Karma rewarded Jeremy in 2006 with a lovely girlfriend who appreciates his knowledge, wit, and skills in the kitchen. If I could hand out a Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Personal Growth and Awesomeness, Jeremy would totally get it, and he could put it on his shelf next to his prized Black RAM from "sheep.exe".

Preceded by
Beverlee Toscano

September 2003 - May 2004

Succeeded by
Allison Citarella


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