Jennifer Kate Sacks

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Jennifer "NuJen" Sacks
Jennifer Kate Sacks
Jennifer Sacks, NuJen, New Jen, Rat Monkey, Jen Sacks, Jen
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sister of Eli Sacks



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From the Omnipaedia:

"Most commonly known as NUJen. Nujen came down to the forum at the beginning of the 1995; fall semester, drawn to the Open House by various flyers in search of intelligent life. She was designated NewJen to differentiate her from other Jens, which later transmogrified into NuJen.

She owned a car until the tragic events of the Boston Road Trip when Noel took a short cut to nirvana through the Telephone Pole of Allah. She was a cofounder of Bleacher Night, the first of many corruptive influences she had on Turtle and others. She officially brought Noel and Turtle on their first march of dimes, but in turnwas made a member of the Thursday club by Turtle.

She has dated almost every Forumite ("you want to go out?" "sure" "cool...ok I'm really sorry but it's just not working out, so we're going to have to break up" "sure") superficially. She has dated Noel, 1of2, Jeff Nagel, Blonde Eric, and Jason J. subficially. Her many adventures had led her to have the nickname It for a time.

She introduced the Forum to Dead Alive which led to her new nickname of Rat Monkey, and the Forum mantra "spank the Rat Monkey!"; as well as it's sequel starring violent, sexual, violently sexual, and sexually violent live action furries. She desired a change in name and was called Freakiepoo for awhile, but today she is generally called justJen or NuJen. Today she spends much of her time marching for dimes and Penguining campus.

She stands five feet and one inch short Her hair changes dramatically from week to week. Her eyes are a medium to dark brown. Her skin is generally pale and sallow. Her attire consists generally of all natural fibers in dark drab colours; she never wears dresses and is almost always accompanied by freakish accessories like combat boots, dog collar, wallet with multiple chains, black plastic rings and bracelets, and a Nosferatu in a coffin for a necklace.

She says her attitude is generally docile unless taunted (called cute). She is butch, and almost always in a chemically altered state of mind. She is apathetic, cynical, content. She has a naturally corruptive influence on anyone/thing in her presence.

Her interests include Anthony Burgess novels, Good Industrial music (no NIN), good ska (no No Doubt), Malcom McDowell movies, Kafka, shopping, kicking small children who don't taste like chicken, really perverse Japornimation (Legend of the Overfiend), and mind-altering substances. Jen has many great quotes, none of which we can currently recollect due to our memory loss after spending quality time in her corruptive aura."