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James Murray
James Murray
James11. CSJames, ShutUpJames, JamesTheBard, DJames
Forumite Status
Became member
Mar 1998
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Reign at Forum
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Born & Died
Suffolk, NY
Base of Operations
Somewhat Human
Sexual Identity
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Musician, Teacher, Computer Tech

James Murray first visited the SF4M in 1998 when he was a Freshmen at Stony Brook. He was introduced by his roommate Frank Fusaro who was trying to get him into the Dragonriders of Pern series of books. Upon returning the book to the library on his second visit, James Murray officially became a forumite. He didn't become a regular forumite until a year or so later when he became a commuter at Stony Brook. James would often waste time at the forum in between classes when he should have been studying or doing homework, often splitting time between the Anime Club and as a volunteer DJ at WUSB (DJames of Epoch Flatulence). It wasn't long before the forum became his preferred stomping grounds. As a CS major, he was sometimes referred to as CSJames, but that nickname didn't stick. James would often play the acoustic guitar in the forums, even though it only had 4 strings. It sounded awful, so maybe ShutupJames was a more appropriate nickname. One day the guitar was gone and James was sad :(

After graduating with his CS degree soon after the tech bubble burst, a jobless James returned to Stony Brook in 2004 to complete his History degree and to complete his master's degree in education. He was often seen playing Final Fantasy 11 in the forums on his laptop. For this anti-social achievement he earned the nickname James11. This nickname stuck for awhile ... until world of warcraft came out. James was a regular in the forums, often playing boardgames, rpgs, computer and console games, watching cheesy genre movies and writing filky songs on guitar every so often.