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(List of Past Head Librarians)
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#[[Fred Coulter]]
#[[Fred Coulter]]
#[[Lukas Tierney]]
#[[Lukas Tierney]]
#[[Vicente Viteri]]
==Current Head Librarian==
==Current Head Librarian==
#[[Vicente Viteri]]
#[[Vicente Viteri]]

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They work in the library section of the Forum, doing library type things.

As the Forum exists as a library, the Head Librarian tends to catch a good deal of the workload in the Forum. Prior the creation of Polity, which resulted in the creation of the position of Vice-President, the Head Librarian was considered second only to the President of the Forum.

List of Past Head Librarians

  1. Jennifer Adams
  2. Jason Schneiderman
  3. Dawn Boniface
  4. Brooke Orosz
  5. Drew Lotosky
  6. James Cleveland
  7. Roman Levant
  8. Fred Coulter
  9. Lukas Tierney
  10. Vicente Viteri

Current Head Librarian

  1. Vicente Viteri