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Glenn "Squirrel" Given
Glenn Given
Glenn, Squirrel
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  • "Okay... Molly Ringwald versus Claire Danes, if they both have shivs or something... who wins?"
  • "Can you say that we're perpetuating the delinquency of minors by providing them with alcohol and cigarettes?"

Quotes about

From the Omnipaedia:

"Squirell-boy. He wandered down during an ICON a couple of years back and hasnt left yet. He is known to wear fishnet and opera gloves, enrage people on the topic of multiculturalism, annoy as many people as possible, and be the most brightly colored goth on the planet.

And it's all my fault. I'M SORRY! -Drow Dave

"King of Shade: A Royal Title once held uncontested by Squirrel (Glenn Given), so gained by spending 2 1/2 straight weeks living at Stony Brook by couch diving and schmoozing meals from friends. Ruler of the Court of Slack: Duke of Slack - Brian Wrynn, Court Jester of Slack - ?, Duchess of Slack - ?, Baron of Slack - ?"