Fang Keep

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A house in Ronkonkoma populated by Forumites and similar folk. Named after a gaming group called the Fang Clan, which included DK. The Address was XXX Hawkins Avenue, Ronkonkoma NY 11779. The location was just south of "Five Corners" in Ronkonkoma.

The original residents of Fang Keep were (Fuzzy) John Danley, Anand Patel, Christopher Marcoe, Jay Schneiderman, Ian Reinhart, and William Nolan

Subsequent residents of Fang Keep were Rebekkah Sarver "Tokah", Susan Bacchus, Tracy Scott, Brian Marcoe, Navin, Guy (Pi), Brooke, Conrad Schnakenberg, Casey Brokopp and Sai Kennedy.

The final residents of this house were David "DK" Kingsley, Dan "Gushi" Mahoney, Michelle Latta, Chris Wenham and Tommy Von Redden.

Dissolved at the end of February 2007 after much drama with the landlord and after a seemingly far superior place was found. The far superior place (otherwise known as 80's House/Nightmare House) was unfortunately, not that great.