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Goth Emily
Emily Santino
Goth Em
Goth Em.jpg
Forumite Status
Became member
September 2000
Brought by
Reign at Forum
Bloody and Brutal
Forum Offices Held
Famous for
Born & Died
The Dead To Not Dance Disco
Base of Operations
Theraphosa blondi - "Goliath Bird-eater"
Sexual Identity
Just Loves People
Relationship Status
Married to Erik "Gunner" Smykal
Related to
Evil Sister to Irina K. and Liz Fraizer
Underwriter / Tattoo Flash Artist

aka "Goth Emily". Her married name is Smykal, but for recognition purposes, Emily chooses to keep her maiden name on this site.
Emily graduated from Sachem High School on Long Island in 2000. She was introduced to the 4m by her close friend Liz Frazier. Despite dropping out of Stony Brook to pursue a career in homelessness followed by a tenure at Starbucks, Emily remained a regular attendee of the 4m until her move to Queens, where she married Erik "Gunner" Smykal and pursed a career in Underwriting. Apparently the easiest way to recognize this former, mostly absentee short-term Vice President is when she is the foundation for a "puppy pile" - her hair, one eye, and a Doc Marten sticking out of a heap of comfy 4mites are her visual tags. Her unique arachnid tattoos and aggressive facial jewelry can also be used to spot her.
Photos also forthcoming. See also Emilie Sue "Artist Emilie" Pellenz, from that time that there were TWO tall, blonde, busty, glasses-wearing Emilies who liked to draw all the time, as well as Liz Frazier, Andrea Kohler, Lynda Weinstein, Katrin Boniface, Drow_Dave, and a host of others who are cool. Stages of Emily's Hair also forthcoming.

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Vice President

? - ?

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? - May 2009

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David Rapp


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