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Emilie "Artist Emily" Pellenz
Emilie Pellenz
Artist Emily
Forumite Status
Became member
September 2000
Brought by
Reign at Forum
???? - ????
Forum Offices Held
Famous for
Designed a Regatta shirt and some other 4m related artwork
Born & Died
7/10/1982 - Living
Sound Beach, NY
Base of Operations
East Setauket, NY
Human, Furry
Sexual Identity
Relationship Status
Related to

Emilie Pellenz is a freelance personal assistant and illustrator, focusing mainly on fantasy and scifi themes. She is an aspiring comic artist. Her first venture into the forum was as a freshman, early in the fall semester of 2000, where she found Emily Santino and Katrin Boniface and comfy, inviting couches. She would probably be most remembered for doodling gel pen tattoos on people and creating various pieces of artwork for members of the forum, such as a poster for one of D6 Gaming Club's events over in the Union, the "One Boat to Rule them All" Regatta shirt, and the sail for the 4m's boat, the Sea Dragon, in 2002. Emilie occasionally attended gathering events at Selden House with Erika/Chilly. The nickname "Artist Emily" came to be as a way to distinguish her from Emily Santino (a.k.a. Goth Emily) who was a fellow recent addition to the forum and also had blonde hair at the time.

GPA issues caused Emilie to switch to Suffolk for the Spring 2002 semester, and subsequently lead to less time in the Forum, but Emilie remained relatively active with I-CON as staff.


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