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David Lubkin
David Lubkin

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President of Unreasonable Software

"David Lubkin founded Unreasonable Software, Inc. in June 1995, and has served as president and chief executive officer ever since. He is a gifted software architect, valued as much for his technical vision as for his obsessive concern for the needs and desires of software end-users.

David began his professional career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, working on system software for Cray super-computers used in nuclear fusion research. At Livermore, he held a DOE "Q" clearance for access to classified nuclear secrets (equivalent to DOD Top Secret).

In 1987, David joined Apollo Computer, where he invented patented technologies for cross-platform software development. After Hewlett-Packard acquired Apollo, David was asked to develop a corporate strategy for distributed computing tools. He then led teams to implement the plan.

More recently, David worked as a consulting software architect for several companies, including Thinking Machines and Oracle Corporation, in the areas of data mining, database publishing, computer security, email management, and semiconductor yield diagnosis.

David received a BA in Linguistics from SUNY at Stony Brook and an MS in Computer Science from Michigan State University, where he also did doctoral course work in artificial intelligence and advanced computer architectures.

David's involvement with emergency preparedness began while in high school in Israel. He was an orderly at an evac hospital during the Yom Kippur War and subsequently trained for the Israeli Civil Guard. At Livermore, he served on the lab's triage team, learning how to treat radioactively contaminated patients. For several years, David volunteered on a disaster response team of the American Red Cross, which gave him extensive medical and disaster training. He has also taught many classes in CPR or first aid and volunteered as a charge nurse at the Special Olympics.

Family background

David may be the first person in the world who is third-generation in the computer industry. In developing Fallout ShelterTM, he is continuing family traditions in computers, national defense, and nuclear technology.

photo of ELECOM computer Beginning in 1946, David's grandfather, Dr. Samuel Lubkin, designed many of the earliest computers, including the EDVAC, REEVAC, SEAC, ELECOM, and ORDFIAC. He founded Electronic Computer Corporation, which built the first business computers. Sam was awarded over 50 patents; his ideas underlie all modern computers.

David's father, Dr. Yale Jay Lubkin, ran the US Army's computers at Letterkenny Ordnance Depot from 1954 to 1956 while a second lieutenant. He later rose to colonel in military intelligence in the reserves. Jay invented the Permissive Action Link, the key technology used for protecting US and Russian nuclear devices. His research for the Israeli Navy in the 1970's led the way to the drone aircraft in use today over Afghanistan.

David's mother, Gloria Lubkin, worked as a nuclear physicist for TRG, where she wrote software for designing reactor shielding. In 1963, Gloria began her long and distinguished career at Physics Today, the leading physics magazine. She was a Nieman fellow at Harvard; The Gloria B. Lubkin Professorship of Theoretical Physics at the University of Minnesota was established in her honor.

David is a single father and the oldest of thirteen children. One of his eight sisters, Ensign Barbara Lubkin, is a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy. Barbara just returned from deployment on an Aegis guided missile cruiser." -from Unreasonable Software (http://www.unreasonable.com/press/bio/lubkin.htm)

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