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The Die Six Gaming Club, otherwise known as D6, was a gaming club at Stony Brook University. It is now dead, but they have a pretty active egroup for 'discussion of gaming, social stuff and any other stupid nonsense that comes to [their] minds'.

Lisa Pankowski's Retelling of D6 History

In the fall of 89' I started attending SB. I immediately tried to look for any campus organization that involved gaming. I found no sign of any organized gaming, even after club week, except for a flyer advertising a D&D campaign. Thus I met John Shackelford.

John Shackelford was a pretty good GM, and a fun guy. We also both wanted a gaming club. So we joined forces. John worked on getting us a budget and I worked on getting a room. When we started to submit our paperwork, we were calling ourselves the gaming club. Our first efforts were thwarted when the union reps said there was a gaming club already in existence.

We were shocked, we had no idea. We played around with the idea of asking for more information. John thoughts on that was basically 'after I hauled my butt around campus to get all of these signatures? F#$% that!'

So to submit our paperwork we needed a new name. John laughs, a short sort of singsong laugh that has the hint of pure evil in it, puts his right hand up - one finger pointing up and the others relaxed - and says 'I have an idea...'

We take all of the paperwork and put a D6 in front of our club name, so now we have paperwork for the D6 Gaming Club. We push it through and otherwise use way too much of our time ensuring that we get a room and a budget, camping out for hours in the Union when necessary because we were being avoided. Eventually, we succeeded.

It was the fall of '90, I. We got our budget and we got our room. Or, we got the paperwork for both at least. We figured we should check out the room first, then go about spending our club funds. The room number...013 Central Hall. Ok, we go to Central Hall, see that the first floor have numbers like 100 and 102 and figured we need to go to the basement. We take the stairway near the Central Hall lecture hall and quickly find our room. It was small, and it was divided - the back part was just big enough for a 8' rectangular table and chairs while the front part had cabinets and counters. It was perfect in all it's dirty, cluttered (with scrap/trash) glory even after considering the after smell of sewer, which would later turn into a main smell of sewer...but that tale is for another day.

So we go about cleaning, scavenging a table and some chairs, and otherwise making the room as presentable as possible. During this time we were approached by a gentleman who we would come to know as Jerry Katz. He asked who we were, and we said we were officers of the new gaming club, D6 Gaming Club. Jerry got a little miffed, claiming that we can't be a gaming club cause he was the president of the gaming club...

John and I look at each other in stunned silence, the elusive gaming club. What should we do? Jerry continued to insist that we could not be a gaming club, there was one that already existed. We tried to talk nice, at least for a short while. Eventually, we said that we are a club, we have a room and a budget and you can't do anything about it. Jerry didn't take that well...

Over the weeks we had much better conversations with much of the forum that was gamer friendly and since there was no reason not too, the clubs quickly merged to form the D6 Gaming Club.


D6 Egroups