Chandler Estate

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Rt 25A, Mt. Sinai, NY

Drive through the church parking lot, past the graveyard, follow the dirt road between the housing development and the swamp, pass the various smaller houses (Pine Lodge, Swiss Ski Chalet, White House) also owned by Mrs. Chandler, and eventually you'll get to the Main House. The main section had a giant stone fireplace and two grand staircases. The North Wing was called the Rabbit Hutch due to the many small apartments. The South Wing had only two larger apartments. The lower apartment abutted the large kitchen of the main house, the upper apartment was the largest in the complex with 5+ rooms.

Tom Wilson, Lisa Selitzer, and Jeff Warner lived in the South Wing upper apartment in the Early 80's.

Swiss Ski Chalet was where members of the Swiss Embassy spent their weekends.

Gary Halada and Heidi Heyman still live in Pine Lodge.

The Main House burned down in 2005.

Legend has it that Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe vacationed at the estate in the late 50's when it was known as "Woodbine". Gary Halada has a picture of MM on the small kiddie merry-go-round that was in the feild next to the Great Lawn.