Bonnie Caren Beck

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Bonnie Beck
Bonnie Caren Beck
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Popping as many forum cherries as possible
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Student, music teacher

She has brought many people down to the forum and "forced" them (kindly) to become forumites. There's some controversy over using the term 'bonnieite' to describe these newbies she entices down to the basement of Harriman.

She is a very talented singer. She is currently attending Queens College so that she may go on to further her love of music and become a music teacher. She is a Brobdingnagian Bards and Voltaire fan. She is highly addicted to DDR.

I-CON enjoys eating her brain every year at around the same time. She has been doing cabaret and musical performance programming for them for a few years.

She has been dating Brian Marcoe since early 2007. Her past boyfriends include: Randy, Mikya, Dan Mahoney.

She's often over Fort Henry on Fridays to partake in their dinner nights. When Selden House was still alive and kicking, she was a frequent visitor to their humble abode. She was involved in much of the debauchery that took place there.

She's jewish and knows how to make funky jewish food.


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