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Beverlee Toscano

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???? - ????
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The thirty-fifth President of the Forum.

Also an avid DDR... person-thing. Has been known on many occasions to snort WoW and shoot up with some anime.

She makes delicious lettuce and tomato sandwiches.

In Spring 2003, Bev was elected Forum President, but she was denied the position by USG, and Drew was elected in her place. She acted as unofficial President during the Fall 2003 semester, with Drew basically running meetings and signing the paper-work, while Bev conducted all the behind the scenes work. She was cleared by USG to serve as Forum President in 2004.

Organized much of the building of the Regatta 2004, 2005 and 2006 boats. None of them sank.

Preceded by
Drew Lotosky
President of the Science Fiction Forum

1/04 - 1/05

Succeeded by
Abigail DuFour

Preceded by

January 2002 - May 2003

Succeeded by
Jeremy Lauber


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