Barry Levin

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Barry Levin

Forumite Status
Became member
Brought by
Reign at Forum
Forum Offices Held
Famous for
Probably Nothing
Born & Died
Philadelphia in the Constellation of Pennsylvania
Base of Operations
Sound Beach (as of Feb 1, 2011)
Doesn't believe in it.
Sexual Identity
Pansexual, but not Potsexual
Relationship Status
In a relationship
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Barry is a forumite. Barry is somewhat lazy, and is usually seen on Couchthulhu, sleeping. A two-time Shiftholder, but the first time didn't work out very well.

Barry wears the Chainmail a lot, though lately not so much.

Barry managed to (mostly) graduate by fall 2010, only one semester later than planned.

Since he will be living closeby, despite his current non-student status, he plans to hang out over at the forum a lot in the Spring 2011 Semester.

Currently, he is the Historian. His reign has so far been marked by doing a lot of research beforehand, and the finding of many important historical documents and historical undergarments, mainly due to the amazing effort by Vicente's to clean and organize the forum.

He plays the ukulele, melodica, guitar, bass, recorder, tinwhistle, flute, theremin, jaw harp, and flinglethorp at varying degrees of proficiency. Often he will bring the ukulele in, and everyone will want to play it. Evan often worries about breaking the strings.

He also knits, and will be DMing two Doctor Who games at I-CON 30.