Alexis Jade Barrett

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Alexis Jade Barrett
AL, Ali, Lex Luthor, Lexus, M'Lexis, Lexington
Forumite Status
Became member
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Jim Prego
Reign at Forum
???? - ????
Forum Offices Held
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Born & Died
4/20/1977 - ????
Salem, MA
Base of Operations
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She lived in Beverly until she was three. She spent the remaineder of her innocent years around the Hollywood Miami area in Florida. She effectively has two families now, one of which includes her baby sister. She has gone through a total of eight schools.

She was convinced by her friends in Huntington to go to Stony Brook. She stayed with them during the summer of 1995 and entered Stony Brook that fall semester.

Alexis noticed Jim Prego while she was living in Hand and immediately got an impression that she would get to know him better but this did not come to fruition until much later in the year when they happened to be doing laundry at the same time and they got into a conversation. She went to a Forum meeting but was scared off thinking she would never be accepted.

Then one night in February of 1996, Jim invited her down to the Forum, along with her stuffed lion. Turtle saw her and was immediately intrigued. He took a picture of this new Forumite female and showed her his bellyring. A couple of weeks later, after an incredibly cruel tickle torture conducted on Turtle with the help of Drew, Alexis and Turtle began to date. Months later, they broke up and she began dating Ryan.

Around Summer of 1996, Alexis, Ryan, Mark and Gerry (later Yvonne too) started renting a house in Port Jefferson Station that later became known at GAMYR House.

She majored in biology in order to create a career of helping zoo animals and minored in theater. She worked at Roth with Ryan, Yvonne, Jason and Stacy. She was an Officer of Roth Quad Regatta.

She may be in Madagascar now.

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Vice President


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