"Senator" Dan Graber

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Senator Dan Graber
Daniel Graber
Big Pimpin Dan
Forumite Status
Became member
Brought by
Daniel Graber
Reign at Forum
2007 - 2011
Forum Offices Held
Assistant AC
Famous for
Born & Died
05/13/1988 - ???? Living
Base of Operations
Sexual Identity
Relationship Status
Related to
Rabbi in training

4M History

Daniel would often stop by the 4m table at events to procure free books, but it was not until his second year at SBU that he stepped into the 4m itself in the basement of Harriman. At that point in 2007 Daniel began taking out books and eventually was sucked into the lounge. Daniel eventually became an AC under Ian Moss. This was also at the time where Daniel was a USG senator and he was influential in increasing the 4m's budget.

General Life Story

I'm Lazy. I'll fill in in later.

Daniel was Hillel President and USG Senator. BA in Political Science and MA in Jewish Education. Rabbinical School on the way.