"Good" Dan Friedman

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"Good" Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman
Good Dan
Forumite Status
Became member
Brought by
Reign at Forum
???? - ????
Forum Offices Held
Famous for
Born & Died
???? - Living
Base of Operations
Sexual Identity
Relationship Status
Related to
Faith Sarver (Wife), Celeste Friedman (Daughter), Becky Sarver (sister-in-law)

He went to Centereach High School, taking a journalism class with Janet Jongebloed there. Back then he was dating Catnip, but would later go on to marry another classmate, Faith Sarver. Their wedding is scheduled for July of 2007. They're planning to have a double wedding with Faith's sister Beky and her husband-to-be Balkar.

Faith and him had their first child, a girl who was born in October of 2006. She's an adorable child and attended her first I-CON in 2007 with her parents.

His nickname of 'Good Dan' came from the fact that there was another forumite named Dan Friedman. One of them became the good one and one of them was deemed the evil one. Based on his personality, Good Dan became the good one, though in later years he's joked that he's moving towards being more the Neutral Dan.

Faith and him are currently living in the basement apartment of the Sarver Residence.