"Evil" Dan Friedman

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"Evil" Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman
Evil Dan, Buttons
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When people realized that there were two Dan Friedman's, the jig was up. We realized one of them had to be good and one of them had to be evil. Considering how anti-social Buttons was, he became the evil one. Sources say he's mellowed a lot in the past few years, but I doubt he's stopped trying to piss off/destroy the human race completely.

He has a penchant for nicknaming his nieces/nephews odd names.

He used to wear a jacket with a billion and one buttons pinned on it's back. Thus, he was christened with the nickname Buttons.

He is living somewhere south of NY at the moment.. Maryland, I believe. Maybe Virginia.

Past girlfriends include Janet Jongebloed and Bonnie Beck. He's got a girl in Virginia.. or Maryland.. or one of those southern states now.