Meeting notes 03/12/12

Notes from the Meetings.

Meeting notes 03/12/12

Postby Chiscringle » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:07 am

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM

President: Welcome to the outside. There's not much for me to say.

VP: JMaxx has returned! He's going to do the Boffer Build soon. If we watch Empire one more time there shall be a mighty wrath. We're allocating to Stanley Steamer to clean the couches.

Treasurer: I sent out tax reciepts today. I'm doing what I can to get as much money as possible.

Secretary: I bought stamps and envelopes. I require restitution. $10.50.

Head Librarian: We still have books.

Head AC: Alex says that on the 24th there will be a marathon. It will be bassed on the comic series 20th Century Boys. It's a week from this Saturday.
On the 23rd we're having our Beards and Board Games event with the FMLA.

Old business:

ICON will happen at the usual time.

New Business:



$100 for pizza on the 23rd

Meeting closed at 7:16
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