Notes from the Meetings.


Postby acicc » Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:37 pm

Meeting Opens 7:05

President: Everybody must move more quickly from the basement to the attic (club room to meeting room). The card reader is working. This weekend Nat, David, and I we’re going to USG to discuss the budget.

Vice President (in absentia): Clean, grrr.

Treasurer: Clean, Aaron needs to get back to me about the barcode scanner. I have allocations.

Secretary: Key code scanner stuff.

Librarian: I did the shiftholder schedule, it’s tentative but it’s up. We’re shelving donations, we’re holding off on doubles until the new shelves come.

Head Ac: If you’re going to watch a movie or something, that’s fine but after put the fucker away. Also, keep the video games neat. We had a couple of events last week, Evangelion and The Goddamn Batathon, after meeting we’re going to show Ghost in the Shell and Resident Evil Extinction. We’ll do a Sucker Punch movie run when it comes out. I gave in a list for a fuckton of movies to allocate for. We’re stocking up on boxes for Roth Regatta. We should start thinking about the picnic. Either during Spring Break or after we should do a paintball run to train for HvZ.

Sub AC: Diner Run after meeting.

Historian: The Shanking.

Logo: We have five submissions

New Business: Vince Painting meeting

Howie: Rocky Point, a blockbuster is going out of business, they have good deals on DVDs and possibly shelving.

Adib: On Saturday afternoon 4-5 Rocky point run.

David: Congo Line, Ninja Battle.

Nathalie: Allocations, resource mate two year renewal, new lights, clamp lamps, books. Dvds Bookends.

Old Business: Clean


Roman: Magic Draft no dates yet. I want it to be an event, we’re gonna try to reserve one of the Sac ballrooms.

Fishman: New fan? Forum: No!

Julia: Don’t leave stuff in the fridge. Clean your shit.

Meeting closes at 7:53
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