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Meeting Called to Order: 7:01

President’s Report: Halloween happened, and miraculously nobody died. We are going to start using ALLOCATE. We need to keep the forum clean!

Vice President’s Report: We need somebody to deal with recycling in the forum (Ian Schaffer volunteers). There should be fewer laptops on the table at any given time. The table is used for, in order of highest to lowest priority, homework, eating, and finally games. If someone wants to eat, pick up your laptop and get the fuck out. I was in the forum early Tuesday morning, and it was an utter disgrace. I’d really like to ban food in the forum, because I’m sick of cleaning up your shit. On an unrelated note, keys may be coming soon.

Treasurer’s Report: Our grant was bounced back to the budget committee due to our furniture not being cleared with the appropriate official at USG. However, I am going to add lighting and a card reader to the grant. Also, Aaron is going to research the possibility of adding a gate to the grant so that we may have 24-hour access to the forum again.

Secretary’s Report: I actually have a report this week. I’ve booked Festivus. We will celebrate on Saturday, December 4.

Librarian: Thanks to everybody who helped me reorganize the Braille books. Also, thank you to all of the shiftholders. Also, on Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm the forum will be a full library. That means that there will be no laptops, movies, games, or loud talking. All that will happen during those hours is reading.

Announcements: Aaron will run a Babylon 5 marathon next Wednesday. Lukas would like to run a Magic: The Gathering drive.

Allocation for books passes.

Allocation for Quiznos subs to serve at festivus passes.

Allocation for MTG drive passes.

Get a library card if you don’t have one.

Historian: Drow reveals that wearing a hat and trenchcoat is the height of forum fashion.

P.R. Committee: Thanks to Nathalie and Third Ian for hanging up fliers for Festivus.

Old Business: Clean!

New Business: Dave is a funny drunk. Aaron will also set up the display case on Wednesday.

Meeting Closes at 7:45
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