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Meeting notes 5/6/10
Meeting opens at 7:03

President: Not bad timing. We could start sooner though. Today is the last meeting of SF4M of the semester, which means that finals begin next week. Keep in mind that the moment you step in the 4M, work stops. You may think that “I’m gonna step in and say hi for x minutes,” but it just doesn’t work that way. I probably won’t be coming down, so don’t expect to see much of me. If you want to study with me give me a call. The picnic was last week, and was a smashing success. Thanks to Phil for buying things, and to Ian for going to 4th world. Elections are tonight.
Vice President:
Treasurer: We have no money. We’re out of treasure. Roman wants to know if we have copies of allocations so he can know what we’re still waiting on. An order came in and needs to be picked up. We’re still working on the grant.
Secretary: Hello.
Librarian: I’ve been hearing of issues with the computer in terms of getting it connected to the internet, which means you can’t look up the ISBN numbers, which means you can’t get new things into the system. The computer seems to randomly have trouble performing basic functions. We have new trade paperbacks now. Thanks to Dave Spector for getting them ready. You should be able to take them out by the end of next semester. Don’t shifthold next week.
Head AC: Starting next semester, food is officially banned in the 4M. Whoever it is that keeps leaving their crap around, congratulations, you ruined it for everybody. I’m tired of coming in every single morning and cleaning up after everybody. I’m not even going to have you all check in your food at the door, because that requires work on my part that quite frankly you don’t deserve. I contacted Drow with my Doctor list, because he has a Master list, but mine is more complete. I’ve tried to contact Orange, so we can know what’s hers, but she hasn’t gotten back to me. I know what’s mine, but I’m not planning to take it back anytime soon. Plus, if we have Family Guy, we should have the Simpsons. Feel free to donate. I was running the Magnificent Marvel Movie Marathon today. It was Punisher War Zone, Spiderman 3, The Incredible Hulk, and most of Iron Man.
Sub AC for Life: Absent.
Historian: By proxy (Ian): Alternate History: What would have happened if the cold war between the Library and the Lounge went hot.

PR: There's a club and a website. I miss my other half. Where’s Jackie?
Fundraising: The Hat is absent. A challenger arises!
Authors: Ernest Hemingway totally expressed interest.

Old Business: Clean!
New Business: What are the hours going to be for the 4M over the summer, if any? If we want to apply for a summer budget, we need 3 signatories and at least some members. There are a fair amount of people interested, and Lukas can’t see why not. We’re going to vote for a committee for possibly changing or updating the logo. Julia would be in charge of it. Motion passes.
Announcements: Holly: My dog passed away last week, and I just wanted to thank everyone who supported me.
Lukas: there’s an Iron Man 2 run tonight at midnight, and another tomorrow evening (7:30) for pansies.
Pete: There was a discussion about turning the 4M into a study lounge during finals week.
Meeting closes at 7:35

President: Adele
Treasurer: Lukas (Hail Treasarian!)
Secretary: Dave Spector
Historian: Ian
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