Meeting notes 04/10/12

Notes from the Meetings.

Meeting notes 04/10/12

Postby Chiscringle » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:12 am

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM

President: I've got a kind of lengthy report today. We're going to be making changes in the Forum regarding what happens in the lounge. We used to have two rooms functioning separately and the years in one room has led to the lounge partially taking over. We need to be more genre oriented and get back to the mission statement. I am redefining what we do when the door is open during library hours. When library hours are over we close the doors and play games etc. Video games are banned, movies to be put on must be very heavily genre. Board games are to be refrained from while the door is open. Laptops are for work only or for group sessions of Japanese porn. Food is also completely banned.

I am working with ICON to get us seats at their movie opening events. Keep your 4M library card and your ICON badge.

VP: Aaron presenting. If I see a lot of laptops I'm going to remove the router and change the passwords.

We are merging with ICON student chapter, getting their room and adding their offiers to the E-Board. The rewrite to the Constitution will involve our E-board, theirs and some of ICONs previous administrators.

The Pony Painting is back. Damage to it will result in disciplinary action.

Treasurer: Hey. We still have no money. There might be a food allocation soon. Some of our checks are still in limbo because of stores closing. The FMLA event is the 18th. Allocations close very soon. Just in case, we might have to spend an extra $15 to upgrade ResourceMate.

Secretary: Hinkle finkle dinkle doo.

Head Librarian: Adam is securing us stuff from a store.

Head AC: Nothing worth taking the time.

Historian: We had giant bugs once.


Fundraising - Funds were raised with great prejudice.

PR -

Old business:


New Business:




Meeting closed at 7:41
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