Meeting notes 03/06/12

Notes from the Meetings.

Meeting notes 03/06/12

Postby Chiscringle » Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:30 am

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM

President: Vince is working on our ICON table. The FMLA event is continuing to move forward. It will be our funded event.

VP: JMax isn't here but the Boffer Build should be going at some point. We're looking for people to help with that right now.

Treasurer: We have a certain amount of money and we need cheap events.

Secretary: I'm sick, but you wanted to know what I'm doing. Someone said they'd seen everything, so I helped stamp out cliched overstatements by turning on the Fountain.

Librarian: Mitch is asleep on the floor. We need to work on the books that aren't on the shelves.

AC: OPIGS this week. We hope. Alex organized the DVDs even though some people called him Ben.


Committees -

PR: Adele hung posters up.

Fundraising: Almost fell flat.

Old business -

We have awhile before we do Regatta, but we figure we'll do Millennium Falcon

New business -

Burton has donated a Go board. A game began in meeting.

Announcements -
ICON is running a panel on Forum and ICON history.

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